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    Batman and Wonder Woman #30
    (w) Peter J. Tomasi; (p) Patrick Gleason

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    "Rorschach’s Journal: October 21st, 1985:"
    WATCHMEN #5 (Jan. 1987)
    Art by Dave Gibbons & John Higgins 
    Words by Alan Moore

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    Wonder Woman by Alexander Chung

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    1991. War Master

     is the third album by band Bolt Thrower , recorded at Slaughterhouse studios in September 1990, produced by Bolt Thrower and Colin Richardson. It was released on Mosh 29 in 1991.

    Whereas Realm of Chaos was dominated by grindcore based blasts and riffs, this album abandons most of the grindcore influences for a sound that is more strictly death metal. Moreover, there is more melody in the music and the guitar solos, although some chaotic solos remain. This is also the final Bolt Thrower album to feature the blast beat style of drumming (which can be heard on three songs - “What Dwells Within”, “War Master”, and “Afterlife”), before it was abandoned and subsequently never used thereafter in the Bolt Thrower discography.

    "Cenotaph" is a thematic continuation of the song "World Eater" from the previous record. It shares the opening and ending riffs and it has some lyrical similarities as well.

     Karl Willetts    Gavin Ward     Barry Thompson    Andrew Whale   Jo Bench 

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    Cryptic Slaughter

    11 April 1987, Fender’s Ballroom, Long Beach, CA

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    Life is Posers strip #77, more strips here: https://www.facebook.com/lifeisposers

    Order merch and printed comics here: http://lifeisposers.bigcartel.com/ shirts have been added as well as patches. New printing with full color cover. http://lifeisposers.bigcartel.com/product/life-is-posers-volume-1

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